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GREEN HAT LADY is bringing her entire collection of clean and plantsy recipes to you at CLEAN EATS STREET ...


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We say "is bringing" because it is definitely a work in progress. There seems to be an infinite number of recipes, and our collection keeps growing!


We have so many posted already that we said ...

It's time .... Let's roll with it!

Here's what we've posted so far

in the membership area

20 Weekly Clean & Plantsy Menu Plans -


Each contains 12-15 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack recipes centered around a one-week menu plan complete with images, nutrition information (calories, protein, fat, carbs) and a shopping list. Most of the recipes in each collection are new; 2-3 are prior month favorites.

5 Specialty Two-Week Clean & Plantsy Menu Plans

High-Protein (52 Recipes)

Immunity Boosting Ingredients (24 Recipes + All About Immunity)

Low-carb (40 Recipes)

Plant-Based (58 Recipes)

Vegan (40 Recipes)


5 Themed Gap Recipe Sets - just in case you want to switch things up...... or (gasp!) don't quite like a recipe in the plan. 

7 Days of Tasty Eats (35 Recipes)

One Pot Soups, Stews & Chilis (8 Recipes)

Five Ingredients (19 Recipes)

Vegan I (66 Recipes)

Vegan 2 (72 Recipes)


Here's what we plan to post in the future

One weekly menu plan per month, with about 15 recipes

One themed "gap" recipe collection with about 5-6 recipes per month

Anything else we get our hands on that relate to the clean and plantsy lifestyle. Once we get them together, they'll go straight to you.

For $2.99 per month you get EVERYTHING we already posted

EVERYTHING we post in the future

And, you can cancel ANYTIME, of course

Here is a sampling of images from the recipes in the members' area

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Our goal is to make it simple for you to enjoy eating delicious, tasty real food at home without the stress. We truly want you to enjoy mealtime, whether you eat with your family or are swinging it solo. You control the ingredients! You don't break the bank!

And it is as much for you as it is for us, and particularly, me! I came up with this idea because I was constantly getting stressed - I wanted to stop wasting money eating out so much, and I wanted to know what was in my food. But when dinner time came around, all my great ideas were nowhere to be found .... they must have taken off, along with all those ingredients!  

No more last minute: "I have NO ingredients!"

Save your money. Don't spend it eating out where someone else decides how to prepare your food!

The recipe collections are PDF on this very website. I set up a separate site so that you don't need to wade through other info to get to your members stuff. You just click on the Members tab, login in and download any and all of the recipe packs.

About the Recipes ....

Simply, our recipes are clean .... and plant-based.....

NOT "plants-only", although you will find many recipes filled with plant foods .....

NOT all "vegetarian", although you will find many delicious vegetarian recipes.

NOT all "vegan", although there are many very tasty vegan recipes.

Our recipes are clean eats, filled with foods from the earth - unprocessed & natural - and filled with plants.

There are some canned foods, such as tomatoes and beans, but in our subscriber bonus, "Clean & Plantsy Starter Recipes", which is also posted in the members' area, you get the info on how to make your own, if you so choose.


And, what exactly are plant foods?

You can also purchase the plans individually here

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Thai Coconut Curry