Hi I’m Kate, Welcome to Clean Eats Street, where we cover clean and plant-based eating. We also like to post motivating information about creating success and keep it light with a sense of humor.

I basically follow a clean and plant-based lifestyle myself. Plant-based on one-side. Clean on the other side.

Just to keep everyone’s expectations about the site on board, this is NOT a plants-only, vegetarian or vegan site, although you will find many such recipes in my plant-based coverage.

For the vegans among us, stop by the Vegan Corner on Clean Eats Street. You’ll see a tab for it at the top of the page.

For those interested in recipes of all kinds and meal planning, check out our site, Green Hat Lady.


And finally, if you are interested in Keto, head on over to our site, Keto Pocket Plan,.

Kate Witkowski,

Food and Travel Writer

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