Welcome to the Vegan Corner at Clean EAts Street


Are you vegan?

Looking to go vegan?

Just want a few great recipes to pass "GO"?

Never run short of tasty recipes for your vegan table again!

Make vegan meal planning a cinch with our fabulous menu plans!

Here is what we've created to reduce the stress of mealtime:

  • A two-week menu plan with 40 vegan recipes, complete with images, nutrition information and a shopping list. You can view the images in the slide deck below.


  • 66 "gap" recipes, complete with images, in case you just don't feel like what's on the menu (gasp!). 


  • 72 "pocket" recipes, to have in your back pocket for whenever the mood strikes.

Here's how these great recipes can be yours ....

  • Download the 3 PDF files for $4.99

Here are the images for the Meal Plan

Thanks for reading this far.

Here are some vegan recipe videos.

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